Alaska Board of Forestry Announced as Winner of First Tileston Award

From left: Peg Tileston, Martha Welbourn Freeman, Division of Forestry, Chris Maisch, State Forester, and Jules Tileston

The Alaska Conservation Alliance (ACA) and the Resource Development Council (RDC) are excited to name the Alaska Board of Forestry as the first winner of the Tileston Award.  The award was jointly established to honor organizations, individuals, and/or businesses that create solutions and innovations advancing the goals of economic development and environmental protection. The “Tileston Award” recognizes two long-time Alaskans, Peg and Jules Tileston, who worked on seemingly different sides of conservation and development issues but who always agreed “that if it is in Alaska, IT MUST BE DONE RIGHT!”

The Alaska Board of Forestry helps ensure that timber harvesting is done in a manner that protects the water quality and fish habitat of Alaska’s rivers and streams while providing for responsible timber harvesting on state and private lands in Alaska.  It consists of nine representatives nominated by the governor and chaired by the state Forester.  State law requires that the Board include one member representing each of the following interests:  1) commercial fishing, 2) Alaska Native Corporations, 3) Environmental organizations, 4) forestry industry, 5) mining, and 6) recreational users.  The Board plays a major role in garnering bi-partisan support for changes to Alaska’s forestry laws by achieving consensus amongst its diverse membership.  As its nominator stated, “The Alaska Board of Forestry is an example of the resource development and conservation communities working together to constructively address a controversial issue.”

The Alaska Board of Forestry was recognized at a reception in its honor as part of the Alaska Municipal League’s conference on climate change.  They were presented with a Tlingit Wooden Paddle and $500 to donate to the charity of the Board’s choice.