2010 Tileston Award

The Third Annual Tileston Award

Conservation and Development with an Alaska Twist

It's all about doing it right - ensuring a strong economy while protecting Alaska’s unique environment. It's this 'do it right' sentiment that brings together again the Resource Development Council and the Alaska Conservation Alliance to present the third annual Tileston Award.

The Tileston Award is a uniquely Alaskan award established to honor organizations, individuals, and/or businesses that create solutions and innovations promoting the linkages between economic development and environmental protection.

This shared goal is embodied in the two long-time Alaskans who lend their name to the award, Peg and Jules Tileston. Peg has been a leader of Alaska's conservation movement for the last three decades, while Jules is a former director of the state division of mining. Despite their seemingly opposite views, they’ve always agreed, “That if it is in Alaska, it must be done right!”

This year’s recipients are the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery, and Granite Construction Incorporated.

“This year's tie came about because RDC and ACA felt that both of these applications were so impressive that we couldn't choose between them. They both embodied the economic and environmental “Do it right” spirit of the Tileston Award.” said RDC Executive Director Jason Brune.

Nominated by ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish, and ADOT&PF, Statewide Public Facilities, the Hernandez Hatchery can play a vital role in Alaska’s communities, outdoor culture, and tourist appeal. Alaska’s sport fisheries have an estimated annual economic impact of $1.4 billion through the sale of in- and out-of-state fishing licenses, fishing tackle, guided trips, food, lodging, and other direct and indirect expenditures. A message of conservation and sustainability is present throughout the new hatchery, from public exhibits and a meeting space that overlooks the fish production area to the engineering design and energy efficiency methods incorporated into the building’s operating systems.

Granite Construction was nominated by Steve Connelly for their Birchwood Site development. As demand for gravel for both private and public projects grows, Granite Construction has proven that a business model based on respect for surrounding communities and the environment is both profitable and good business. Working in the Mat-Su Valley, Granite took several extra steps to mitigate noise issues and installed water testing wells to detect any unexpected changes to water quality in the area.

The 2010 award was presented following the Resource Development Council’s Annual Meeting on July 21 at the Dena’ina Center.


Granite Construction Company Recipients

Granite Recipients

Pictured above, from left to right: Curtis McQueen (CEO, Eklutna, Inc.), Peg Tileston, Jules Tileston, Jason Brune (RDC), Trevor Edmonson (Alaska Plants Manager, Granite Construction), Kim Cunningham (Director Land & Resources, CIRI) Caitlin Higgins (ACA), Dave Laster (Assistant Plant Superintendent, Granite Construction), and Jim Winchester (Plant Superintendent, Granite Construction)

William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery Recipients

Hernandez Recipient

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The Alaska Conservation Alliance is the statewide umbrella group for approximately 40 member organizations with a combined membership of over 38,000 Alaskans. The Alliance unites Alaska's conservation community to speak with one strong voice to support a strong economy and healthy environment. www.akvoice.org

The Resource Development Council is a statewide, non-profit, membership-funded organization made up of businesses and individuals from all resource sectors, as well as Native corporations, support sectors, labor unions, and local governments. Through the Council these interests work together to promote and support responsible development of Alaska's resources. www.akrdc.org